A couple of years ago I stumbled upon felting when I was buying a hat for my daughter on Etsy.  The hat, nuno felted in France, arrived and I knew, as soon as I saw it, that I had to learn how to felt.  The piece had color, texture, usefulness, beauty; and the possibilities seemed endless.


Felting is the process of combining cleaned and carded wool with soap, water and agitation to create fabric or scarves or rugs or even yurts.  In nuno felting, the wool is laminated to or merged with another fabric like silk or cotton by the same process of water, soap and agitation.


Felting for me is discovery, meditation and creativity.  Each piece has its own metamorphosis from layout to finished piece.  And, almost all mistakes can be fixed or incorporated.


I am incredibly grateful to my son, Isaac Chanin, for the product photography on this site; and for his generosity in sharing his computer expertise to get this site up and running.
















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